PagSeguro Digital Ltd (NYSE: PAGS)

PagSeguro Digital Ltd. provides financial technology solutions and services for micro-merchants, and small and medium-sized businesses in Brazil and internationally. 

Take a look at the 1-year chart of PagSeguro (NYSE: PAGS) below with my added notations:

Over the past three months, PAGS has created a major level of support at $43 (green). That line is also the “neckline” for the stock’s potential head and shoulders (H&S) reversal pattern. Above the neckline you can see the H&S pattern itself (red) has almost been completed.

Confirmation of the H&S would occur if PAGS were to break the support, and lower prices would be expected from there.

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Barrick Gold Corp (NYSE: GOLD)

Barrick Gold Corporation explores for and develops mineral properties. The company primarily explores for gold, copper, and silver deposits.

Take a look at the 1-year chart of Barrick (NYSE: GOLD) below with my added notations:

The GOLD triangle

GOLD has formed key support at $17 (green) over the past two months. The stock is also declining against a down trending resistance line (red). These two levels combined have GOLD stuck within a common chart pattern known as a descending triangle. Eventually, the stock will have to break one of those two levels.

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W. R. Berkley Corp (NYSE: WRB)

W. R. Berkley Corporation, an insurance holding company, operates as a commercial lines writer in the United States and internationally. It operates through two segments, Insurance and Reinsurance.

Take a look at the 1-year chart of Berkley (NYSE: WRB) below with added notations:

After a non-stop rally that started last December, WRB moved into a narrow, trading range. While in the range, the stock has formed a $70 support (green) and a key resistance level at $73 (red), which is also the stock’s 52-week high area. At some point, the stock will have to break one of those two levels.

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Aaron’s, Inc. (NYSE: AAN)

Aaron’s, Inc. operates as an omnichannel provider of lease-purchase solutions to underserved and credit-challenged customers. It operates in three segments: Progressive Leasing, Aaron’s Business, and DAMI.

Take a look at the 1-year chart of Cigna (NYSE: AAN) with the added notations:

AAN has formed a key level of support at $60 (green) during the past 4 months. If the stock comes back down to that level again, traders could be able to expect some sort of a bounce. However, if the $60 support level were to break, lower prices should follow for AAN.

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Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI)

Analog Devices, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets integrated circuits (ICs), algorithms, software, and subsystems that leverage analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing technologies.

Take a look at the 1-year chart of Analog (NASDAQ: ADI) below with my added notations:

ADI has created the equivalent of a common chart pattern known as a triangle. Combining a down trending resistance (red) with an up trending support (green) forms the triangle pattern. As the support and resistance converge on each other, the pattern is created.

Since there is no true way to know which way the stock will break, most traders will wait for the breakout or breakdown before entering a trade.

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