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Gold is back on the grid

Well, the conversation on gold comes back into focus. In previous months it appeared gold might be cooling off and setting up for a correction, but here we are hitting new highs yet again. Although I am personally getting a little skeptical about the prospects for gold continuing higher, my opinion certainly doesn’t mean that… Continue Reading »

Reason to stall?

As the markets rallied on Friday, I was curious as to why the markets seemed to stall all day at or near the high. Why not sell-off? Why not rally higher? I decided to analyze a few charts to see if there might have been a reason. Well, I found 3 or 4 good reasons… Continue Reading »

Trade watch – Visa

From time to time, I would like to give readers a heads up on potential trading opportunities. Before considering any trades that I might outline in Chart School, always remember that you must decide for yourself if you like the trade. A key factor in making that decision will be coming up with which side… Continue Reading »

Euro – Follow up

You may have read the article I published last week in which I detailed the prospects for the euro. For review, click here. In that article, I analyzed the FXE, which is an ETF that allows investors and traders to capitalize on the movement of the euro without actually having to trade the currency. Below… Continue Reading »

Gold – Update

Over the past several weeks I’ve published a couple of Chart School newsletters in which I discussed the prospects for gold. After hitting recent highs, and then retesting those levels, it would seem that gold is just an up, up, up and away no-brainer trade. I see confirmation of this when so many of the… Continue Reading »