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Silver update

I just wanted to do a quick follow-up on silver. A few weeks ago silver appeared to be reversing lower only to rally back up to resistance. Presently, it seems that silver has reached a point of reversal again. Please review the following chart of silver with my added notations: The first thing you will… Continue Reading »

Small caps lead the way?

Last week I wrote a newsletter focusing on the key levels for the S&P and Dow that we would need to watch in order to get a sign of the next move in the overall stock market. For review, please go to The resistance level on the Dow seems to be around 11,200 –… Continue Reading »

Where are we going?

The past few weeks in the market have been somewhat choppy, to say the least. I must admit that there has to be some concern that the stock market could not hold the recent break above their April high. It reminds me of the 2007 all time high in the Dow. Please look at a… Continue Reading »

Dollar up, Euro Down?

As I’ve often discussed in my Chart School newsletters, there is an inverse relationship between the dollar and the euro. In addition, as the dollar goes, the stock & commodities markets have been going in the opposite direction. So, analyzing the dollar can give you some insight into the possible direction of assets such as… Continue Reading »

S&P rally seems to be over…for now.

Well, we’ve had it good for a couple of months now. The markets have run up somewhere around 15%, the elections are out of the way and QE2 is no longer a mystery. As a matter of fact, it would appear that the markets expectedly rallied in anticipation of those elections and the QE2 announcement…. Continue Reading »