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Follow up to Dow channel article.

As a follow up to yesterday’s Chart School newsletter about the long-term Dow channel,, I just wanted to give readers a heads up as to what to watch for in case the stock market sell-off yesterday does turn into something bigger. Please review the S&P 500 chart below with my notations: The trend line… Continue Reading »

Potential stopping point?

As everyone has seen over the past several months, the stock market simply goes up.  Sometimes it seems borderline comical. No matter what the news, no matter how sluggish the economy, no matter what the start of the day looks like nor what the technicals look like, up we go. So, weeks ago I began… Continue Reading »

Don’t sleep on the dollar!

I just wanted to do a follow up on the US dollar. In the past, I have analyzed the dollar to gauge the possible movement in various markets. Not only can the movement of the dollar warn us of potential moves in commodities, stocks and bonds, but also trading the dollar itself can be an… Continue Reading »

Dow Theory 101

Well, the Dow seems to be moving above the 11,750 area that I referenced a couple of weeks ago. It’s been a struggle, but the Dow has slowly inched higher. However, I do think there are some major red flags starting to pop up. First, it is very concerning that while the Dow has been… Continue Reading »

Silver update II?

I just wanted to do another quick follow-up on silver. I have been following the movement of silver, and gold, for the past few months in expectation of a downside reversal. The metals have continued higher, but has the party finally ended? Please review the following chart of silver with my added notations: Over the… Continue Reading »